| Asus Router Login Asus router web configuration page can be accessed using or IP address and Asus Routers are best known these days for their ultimate range and fast speed internet. Asus AX series routers are equipped with Wifi6 and support the Wpa3 security protocol. Asus routers can be configured in the Mesh Wifi system for larger homes or offices and you can have Seamless one network at the same time. Asus routers support Mesh networking, and Asus repeaters can also be configured as Mesh points using the web address login

Asus Router Initial Configuration via


  • STEP1: Disconnect your older router if any, & then power on your Asus router, wait for the lights to turn solid green or white.
  • STEP2: Connect Ethernet cable from your internet service provider box to the WAN port of your Asus router, then connect a cable from the Ethernet slot of Asus router to your computer.
  • STEP3: Launch a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear use username as admin and the default login password is admin.
  • STEP4: Quick internet setup wizard screen will appear, select your internet connection type i.e static, dynamic, PPPoE as per your internet service provider.
  • STEP5: Click on the next option, Asus router QIS will try to connect with your host modem, this process might take up to 60 seconds
  • STEP6: Assign a network name & wireless network key password to your Asus router, then click on the apply option. (wifi password should contain 8 characters minimum )
  • STEP7: Connect your wireless networking devices with Asus router SSID (network name) In order to access the Asus router login page, you can either use the classic web address or you can use the default IP address of Asus router


To update Asus router firmware, connect an Ethernet cable from Asus router straight to your computer, launch a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use the default username and password as admin, Asus router GUI will appear, under advanced settings, click on firmware upgrade option, click on check for new updated option, or alternatively you can download latest Asus router firmware from Asus download center, then click on extract file option>>browse >> upgrade firmware. You can access the Asus router login page using IP address also instead of using the classic web address


You may receive an error message page cannot be displayed or error 404, if you are unable to access Asus router login website, make sure your computer is connected wired or wirelessly with Asus router, open network settings under the control panel, and make sure LAN & WAN adapters are enabled if there is any forced IP assigned to the network adapter, then select automatically or auto-detect IP settings option, if still the issue persists try restarting your Asus router & then try to access Asus router login page using classic web address or by using IP address .try resetting internet protocol and browser settings, disable active firewalls if any from your computer, firewall software like avast internet security, Norton & Kaspersky block access to router login websites. Make sure java scripts are enabled or alternatively try to access the Asus router login website using a different web browser.


To change the network name & password of your Asus router, launch a web browser & type in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use username as admin & default password also as admin, under network settings you can update SSID & network password, wifi password should minimum contain 8 characters.


To reset the Asus router to factory default settings, press & hold the paper pin for 10 seconds into the reset slot of the Asus router, resetting the Asus router will delete all networking settings saved on the router.


  • USERNAME: admin
  • PASSWORD: admin
Asus router login


To change the network name & password of your Asus router, launch a web browser & type in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use username as admin & default password also as admin, under network settings you can update SSID & network password, wifi password should minimum contain 8 characters.



  • PASSWORD: admin

Wifi 6 Compatible Routers

Asus mesh routers support Wifi6 technology, and they are compatible with almost all modems.

Beam Forming Technology

Asus routers are nest known for thier ultimate performance and lag free gaming experience.

Mesh Networking

Asus routers can be configured as Mesh points with other access points also,to extender overall wireless range and for seamless Networking.

Asus Router App

Asus Router App helps the user to set up the Asus Router easily from the smartphone itself. Asus Router App is compatible with Android platform smartphones as well as from Apple iOS devices. Asus Router App is not compatible with the Windows platform Operating system.


Asus Router App is loaded with multiple features so that Users can manage Asus router settings easily both from the Home location as well as from the Remote location. Asus App features are as follow :

  • NETWORK MAP: The user can check the number of devices that are connected with the Asus router wired or wirelessly.
  • GAME BOOST: The game boost feature can be activated from the Asus app itself so that the client can get better-optimized speed and bandwidth on Gaming devices.
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS: Parental control feature allows users to add or block a certain group of webpages as per user requirement.
  • FIRMWARE UPDATE: Asus router firmware can be easily updated by using the Asus Router App.
  • WIFI SHARING: Users can share wifi with guests or other users using the Wi-Fi sharing option for a certain time duration.
  • NETWORK DIAGNOSTIC: Network diagnostic tool allows users to check and troubleshoot Network issues.
  • EASY SETUP: The client can setup Asus Router using the Asus router app easily, moreover the user can set up the Mesh network using the Asus router application.

NOTE: Asus router app is only available for smartphones, both Android and iOS compatible smartphones, In the case of the Windows platform users can use Asus web-based setup URL redirects the user to Asus Router Login IP address

Featured Routers


The ASUS AC5300 router uses ASUS Green network technology. This technology is used to save power consumption. Some of the features of ASUS AC5300 are mentioned below:

  • It has one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz, bands. These bands provide hassle-free internet access so that you can enjoy buffer-free video streaming.
  • It also has UPnP AV server, FTP server and SMB server for file sharing. You can share files anytime you want.
  • It can handle 300,00 sessions. ( )
  • The technology used by the router saves up to 70% of the power.

Router Asus com

For better results and networks, you should always place your router in a proper position. Make sure you have placed your router according to the conditions mentioned below:

  • Place your router midway between the wireless router and network devices. Keep changing the position unless you get the proper network you want.
  • Place the router away from any substance that produces heat, from direct sunlight and from metallic things.
  • To have the proper range of the network, keep the router away from equipment like Bluetooth devices, transformers, computer hardware, Wifi devices, motors, microwave, ovens, refrigerators, cordless phones, fluorescent lights and other equipment like these. These devices emit different types of waves that can cause disruption in the signal.
  • Update your router timely. To update, open an Internet browser and type in the address bar of the browser and press enter.

To set up the router, you require the following things for your computer:

  • TCP/IP service must be installed on the computer.
  • It should be capable of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC wireless.
  • An Ethernet RJ-45 port. This port is LAN port.
  • A web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser or Apple Safari.( )

Steps to follow for setting up your router:

You can connect to the router by two methods. One is wired and another is wireless.

Note: It is recommended to use a wired connection to avoid any setup problem that might occur while the setup process.

Check the following things before starting up the router process for your ASUS wireless router:

  • Disconnect the router if you have any connected router before. Replacement cannot be possible if the existing router remains plugged in.
  • Next is to disconnect the modem also by removing all the wires from the power outlet. Also, remove the backup battery of your modem.
  • Reboot or restart your computer and modem.

Steps to follow to have a wired connection for the router setup:

  • 1. Put the AC adapter of your wireless router to the DC-IN port and plugged in the adapter in the power source.
  • 2. To the LAN port of your wireless router connect your computer using the bundled network cable.
  • 3. In the WAN port of the wireless router connect the modem using another bundled network cable.
  • 4. Insert your modem’s AC adapter to the DC-IN port and plug it into a power outlet.

After following these four steps, the setup process is complete. If you get any problem, check the connections of the wires. Steps to follow to have a wireless connection for the router setup:

  • 1. Plugin your wireless router after inserting the AC adapter of the router in the DC-IN port.
  • 2. Connect modem and wireless router with the help of a bundled network cable into the WAN port of your wireless router. ( )
  • 3. In the DC-IN port, insert the AC adapter of the modem and then plug it into the power source.
  • 4. On your computer, install an IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/AC WLAN adapter.

You can also log into the web GUI by following some steps. ASUS router comes up with GUI (Graphical User Interface). GUI makes easy for the user to interact with the router and it is also easy to change the settings through GUI. In short, it is user-friendly.

Steps to follow:

    • 1. Open a web browser, and type in the address bar of the browser window. The browser can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
    • 2. A login page appears. Enter the username and password in the username and password fields respectively. By default, the username is admin and password is password. ( )
    • And it is done. Now you can configure the settings by using the GUI of your ASUS wireless router. The configuration of the settings become a quick process if you use the GUI.( )

Asus Dual-Band Router AX88u – Asus router setup

It comes with the latest WIFI 6 technology. By using this speed, one can stream 4k videos and play games without any interruption or failure of the network. Here, we will be discussing the technical part of this router such as its setup, troubleshooting, and Asus router login.

Asus router setup and Asus router login

Asus router setup is very easy and you need to access the Asus router login page using web address. When you open the Asus router login page, it will prompt you to enter the default username and password (only for the first time).

Wired setup for Asus router AX88u

Take out the adapter and insert one end in the DC-In port and the other in the power outlet. Supply power to it by switching it on.

Connect your laptop or pc using an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the router.

Take another Ethernet cable and insert it in the WAN port of your router. The other end goes into your modem.

Supply power to your modem as well.

Open an internet browser; enter in the address bar.  Access the GUI of the router by entering the username and password of the router.

After entering credentials, you will see an interface where you can configure the router.

Quick internet setup

Log into web Graphical user interface using default credentials (username and password).

It will then automatically detect the internet service provider connection. It will then find the connection type.

Type the SSID and password for your router. Do this for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Click on apply when you are done.

Check the wireless and internet settings. Finish the setup after you have seen the tutorial related to the connection.

Connect your computer to the network. You can see a WIFI sign at the bottom right. It will start scanning for the network. Look for the SSID of your network and click on the network under that name. You will get connected to the network in no time.

Know about the web address

Most of the users are curious to know what is so for your knowledge, this is a simple web address like to access the GUI of Asus router. Before giving this web address users has to open the GUI using IP addresses which are numbers and one can easily forget the numbers. So they introduce this web address. Using this you can access Asus router login page and entering the credentials make you access the home page of Asus router where you can configure it. You can update the firewall, change the SSID and password, enable parental controls, and much more things.

Asus RT-AC87u

High speed and long-range dual-band wireless router. It is an 802.11 ac router and provides a top speed of 1733 Mbps when works with 802.11 ac client. It also has a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band. The frequency shifts automatically according to the usage made by the user. If a user is only surfing the internet for some information then the 2.4 GHz band is used and if the children are playing online games then the 5 GHz band is used to provide lag-free internet access. So, we recommend purchasing one if you do not want any disturbance while browsing.

Unpack your router box

  • RT-AC87u dual-band wireless router
  • User guide as a CD
  • RJ-45 Ethernet cable
  • AC adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

Install your Asus router

  • Positioning your wireless router: place your router by considering these things in mind to get the optimal transmission between your connected devices and router.
    • Place the router in the center of your home or office to get the maximum speed.
    • Keep it away from direct sunlight and metal objects.
    • To prevent interference in the signal, keep it away from the reflective surface, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves, refrigerators, and other such materials.
    • Make sure that your router is running on the latest firmware.
    • Adjust your antennas to get the maximum benefit out of them. The position of the antennas matters a lot.
  • Prepare your modem:
    • Take out the AC adapter from the wall power outlet as well as from the cable modem.
    • Take out the network cable from the modem.
    • It is recommended to reboot your computer.
  • Set up the wires to make a connection:
    • AC adapter comes with your router. Use it to supply power to the router. Insert its one end into the DC-IN port of the router and another into an electrical outlet.
    • Connect your router and modem. Use the WAN port of the router and insert Ethernet cable in it and another end to the modem.
    • Turn on your modem by attaching its power adapter and insert the adapter into an electrical socket.
    • Use a network cable and connect your computer to the LAN port of the router. Basically, the router has four LAN ports. You can use any port to connect your computer.

Quick Internet Setup for Asus RT-AC87U

Follow the steps to quickly set up your Asus router model.

  1. Switch on your router by turning on the power switch located at the back of the router. Also, check the LED lights of WAN, LAN to know the status.
  2. Open a web browser. The setup process starts automatically and if this does not happen, enters the IP address or default web address in the address bar to start the setup.
  3. Create a username and password and click next. You will require this username and password while changing the settings of the router. Please note down the username and password somewhere in the notes for future usage.
  4. This setup method automatically detects the ISP connection type. If you want the details of your connection type, contact your ISP.
  5. Create an SSID and passphrase for your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. Click on the apply button after creating both.
  6. The internet and wireless settings come in front of you. Review the settings and click on the Next button.
  7. Click on a finish to end the setup process.

The last thing left is to start connecting your devices to your Asus network. You can make a WPS or wireless connection with your device. For the wireless connection, you should find the name of the network in the list and then enter the passphrase and click on the connect button. For a WPS connection, press the WPS button on the router and then press the WPS button on your wireless client. The power LED starts blinking fast when the connection is in progress. This power LED again goes to solid, this means the connection has been successfully made.

This Asus router can be managed easily by using the intuitive web interface. You can configure easily and open the web graphical user interface by using any browser. The browser includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. You must know the login details to enter into the graphical user interface of the router.

Freequently Asked Questions

VPN Setup on Asus Router

VPN Setup on Asus Routers:

Express VPN can be set up on ASUS routers so that all your Networking devices get encrypted access to the Internet via VPN servers. By doing so, there will be no need to download and install the Express VPN application on all Networking devices, Your Asus router will redirect traffic encrypted data packets from VPN servers.

Express VPN Setup on Asus router using OpenVPN manual configurations. To set up Express VPN on any Compatible Asus router, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You need a compatible Asus router and an active Express VPN subscription.
  • Login to your Express VPN account, and click on the Open VPN Option, scroll down to know username and password, which will be used later in the setup process.
  • Click On the Location list and download OpenVPN Configuration files for locations, where you want to Configure the VPN server on the Asus router.
  • Open a new tab you are going to open your Asus router control panel interface, meaning you must be connected to your Asus router in order to continue with the server process and address or 192.1 68.1.1 into your browser address bar, it will take you to the router sign-in page, enter your router username and password and click sign-on.
  • Click on the VPN tab on the website(, then click VPN client at the top of the screen you should see the option to select the profile of OpenVPN.Enter the username and password details of your Express VPN account settings, you can copy the same from the OpenVPN configuration page. Update OpenVPN files, which you have downloaded earlier.
  • That’s it, setting up OpenVPN manual configurations on your Asus router is complete. to connect to Express VPN simply press activate you can also check your VPN location by visiting is my IP.
Asus router stopped working after changing the configuration

If you have changed some settings on your Asus router and that leads to failure of the router then do not worry. You always have one option to go to normal settings. The 30 seconds rule applies to this router as well. Do the 30 seconds reset process and all the settings will go back to default. Then again you can set up the router and perform all configurations you had before. This is an easy way to solve many problems in almost all the routers.

While selecting the password for the Asus router, make sure you always choose a strong one that is hard to guess. Do not include any information related to your router which can harm the network in any way if it gets hacked. Do not share your password with an unknown person.

Most of the Asus router SSID is located on the label at the back of the router. If you need further help in setting up the router and troubleshooting the Asus router then we are available 24/7. If you see us offline sometimes then just drop a message on the chat window so that we can get back to you and solve your problem.

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