RT-AC 68U Gaming Router


This router is the next model after RT-AC66U, so it follows the same technology that is 802.11ac standard technology. Till now AC66U is the fastest router tested by ASUS Company. The AC68U is the upgraded version of AC66U. It has a new design, increased processing power, new chipset, and one USB 3.0 port. This router saves 70% of the power. It takes less space than 66U as it sits upright. It provides speed up to 1900 Mbps. It has a dual-core processor and 256Mb RAM. It has a special feature called AiCloud. It is the cloud service provided by the Company by which a user can access the network content from any computer or mobile device.

When you purchase a router from the market then the box contains the following things:

  • RT-AC68U wireless router
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Support CD
  • Power adapter
  • RJ-45 Network cable

Note: If any of the items listed above have some kind of issue or broken from somewhere then contact ASUS for tech support.

A warranty card is also provided to you in case you require any replacement or repair. Keep it safe.

Firstly you need to set up the router either by wired connection or wireless connection.

After setup Internet connection setup is done. ( router.asus.com ) 

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Quick Internet Setup (QIS) with Auto-detection

This function of the router helps in setting up the Internet connection quickly.
Before setting up the internet connection, reset your router. Locate the reset button on your router. Press and hold it for about 10-12 seconds. By resetting, the router sets to its default factory settings. ( router.asus.com )

Follow the steps to set up an Internet connection by using QIS with auto-detection:

  • 1. For the QIS page, log into the web GUI of the router. After login, the QIS page displays automatically.
    Note: Admin is the by default username and password for the Web GUI of your wireless router. You can change the username and password by configuring the settings of the router.
  • 2. The Internet Service Provider connection type is automatically detected by the wireless router whether it is PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, L2TP, or PPTP. You should have knowledge of your ISP connection type.
  • 3. Click on the apply button after providing a network name that is SSID and security key for your wireless connection. The connection can be 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • 4. Internet and wireless settings of the wireless router displays. Click on the next button to proceed. ( router.asus.com )
  • 5. Study the tutorial of the wireless network connection. Click on the finish button after you have read the entire tutorial. ( router.asus.com )

Connecting to your wireless network

After successfully setting up the Internet connection for your wireless router, it’s time to connect devices to the wireless network so that you can access the internet on your devices.

Steps to follow to connect to your network:

  • 1. You can see the available networks in your area by clicking on the network icon given in the notification area. ( router.asus.com )
  • 2. Connect with your wireless network by selecting it from all the available networks.
  • 3. The wireless connection is secured by the security key. You need to put the security key for the wireless network to connect to it. Then click OK.
  • 4. Wait till there is a secure connection between the device on which you want to access the internet and your wireless network. When the connection is established, a network icon displays the status of the connection. ( router.asus.com )

How to configure the settings of your wireless router?

There are various features of the AC68U. Some of them are parental control, guest network, changing username, and password. We have mentioned here all the features and steps to set up some of them. ( router.asus.com )

Network Map

This feature allows you to change the security settings, managing clients that are connected to your wireless network, and managing USB devices.


Steps to manage network clients:

  • 1. Click on General then Network Map tab from the navigation panel.
  • 2. To have the information of the network client, click on the client icon status on the network map screen. ( router.asus.com )
  • 3. You can also block a client. To block a particular client, select that client and click on the block.

Guest Network

You can create a guest network with a separate network name (SSID) and security key. Your guest can access this network to surf the internet without indulging in your private network.

Parental Control

This feature provided by the router allows you to block access to some sites for your kids and family members. This also helps in virus control that can come from these websites. You can also set the time limit for the access period to a certain website by this feature.

USB Application

This function provides Server Center; download master submenus, AiDisk, and Network Printer Server.


This function allows you to access, share, save, and sync your files. It is a cloud service provided by the company to securely transfer and save data. ( router.asus.com )

To use the services provided by AiCloud, follow the given steps:

1. Download and install the application of ASUS AiCloud from the Google Play Store (Android users) or Apple Store (iPhone users) on your device.

2. To setup, the AiCloud, follow the instructions given after establishing a connection to your network. ( router.asus.com )